Niagara Particle Trails

I’ve been playing around with Niagara. First impressions are it’s a significant step up from Cascade though I’m no expert.

Having said that I set myself a fairly simple seeming task - rock meshes flying through the air with a smoke particle trail and am stumped.

Basically I feel like the location events from my rock particles need to spawn smoke particles at the location and velocity the rocks are moving at. The smoke particles should then be free to operate within their normal parameters with acceleration, collisions fade etc controlled by their own emitter.

Any instructions on how to acheive this?

Feels like I want a new spawn module (“Spawn on Event”).

Please take a look at the Niagara content example (available in the content examples download from the learning tab in the launcher), room 2.4. In this example one emitter is sending its location event to two other emitters in the system, which allows them to spawn from that location. Jump to about 1:15 minutes into this video to see it in action.

Thanks! When I first copied that it didn’t work as expected but a second time around it did. I’ve attached an image of the relevant section. I’m still a little hazy about the links in data here and how it gets shuffled through the modules but starting to get to grips with it.