Niagara - particle death (kill/removal) how to?

Greetings. I have a question related to Niagara.

I’m aware it’s not ready for public, but this post is not about bugs but about the basic usage.
Niagara is amazing tool. I’ve played with it some time and (despite some crashes) managed to set the particle system and add it to the world.

But I have no clue how to kill particles? Is it even possible?

You know that’s not the answer…

We all know. We all failed to kill those Particles x) but we can Kill Emitters thats something…

At point of answering this question i only briefly looked at Instance.Alive… so yea nwo i know it;s not the anwser ;p

There Instance.Alive parameter which you can set to false which marks particle to be deleted… but i yet yet to make it work :stuck_out_tongue: but this direction you should look in to

Could be closed as deprecated.