Niagara particle color update is ineffective, how can I fix it please?

I’m using particle color and alpha in the particle update tab but it doesn’t produce any result.
I’m using particleColor in the material “emissive” property plus ParticleSubUV, good result but it doesn’t change alpha and color when running,
how can I fix it?

anyone please?

If the colour value plugged into ‘emissive’ has a high enough intensity, you should be seeing some variation in the colour. This may involve multiplying the particle colour by a large amount, but that entirely depends on the exposure of your scene.

There is no mechanism by which ‘emissive’ can control transparency / opacity, though. For that, you’ll need a ‘masked’ or ‘translucent’ material type, and pipe the particle alpha into the opacity input. Using dither and a masked material can be a nice, cheap way to get a fade effect without paying the price for translucency.

Thank you so much, the problem was about the translucent material. Solved now just moving to the previous node the scalar parameter, it has to be close to the particle color node. ! :slight_smile: