Niagara Parameter Collection not working?

hey guys :slight_smile: i have a question to the NiagaraParameterCollection :


when i create variables in the parameter collection and adding them to my emitter they dont work if i link them into the end beam node. User. created variables work though .

I am spawning the system inside my player controller and setting the vector variables as they are called inside the emitter.

the left one doesnt work, the right one does.

Its not a big problem , i could create these “user.” variables for every emitter but i think this should work with the niagara parameter collection too or not?

thanks in advance !

Just from the screenshot it looks like the target ur feeding into the set niagara variable for parm collection is the same as for the user defined one. For parm collections u need the get niagara parameter collection node and hook the output into target. That should work.