Niagara On Particle Collide event

Hello everyone,

I started learning UE4 for some days, and i’m now trying to understand and use particles systems.

I want to do a projectile, that would apply damage after particle collision. I know it’s recommended to use a collision sphere that surround the particle system to detect collisions, but for gameplay reasons I really need to use particle collisions.

So, I managed to do it quite easily with Cascade (why is everyone saying it’s impossible on forums?), using On Particle Collide event within the projectile actor blueprint and then detecting wich object it collided with. After testing things for some hours with Niagara, I really like it and I would like to use it instead of Cascade if possible. But I can’t find a similar event that would allow me to detect particle collisions outside of the emitter itself. Is it possible at all?

Any solutions?