Niagara Mesh Emitter //How Set opacity as curve over time?

It’s all in the title, I need to be able to set the opacity over time of my Niagara emitter on mesh renderer.
If anyone has any insight that would be greatly appreciated.

PS : If I find a solution, I’ll post it here

Found my problem ! I wasn’t using the ‘Particle Color’ node on my mesh’s material. Just needed to plug the alpha chanel (with a Lerp)

And after that use ‘ParticleUpdate’ ‘ScaleColor’ ‘ScaleAlpha’ ‘float from curve’

You could use DynamicParameter node in particle or mesh material and use any channel to Opacity, and then in niagara add a DynamicParemeter module in the Particle Update and set this dynamic parameter as “Float from Curve” and use “NormalizedAge” as CurveIndex.

Or you could add a Color Module in the ParticleUpdate and set it as “Color From Curve” and use alpha channel to set opacity.