Niagara looks different

Why does this niagara system look different in the world compared to what I see while building it? In some situations this particular system can get even worse than what video presents. It’s the first time that I have such problem.,

I could not completely see your set up. My guess is, did you put those forces in world space?

This is the entire setup: It’s all in niagara and pure niagara is put in the world space with nothing more.

Is the system making any changes while you worked on the emitters to get the effect?
In fact. Try to create a new system from the emitter that way the values are definitely clean.

Also, scaling in world could affect things a lot…

Just tried to make the same emitter from the scratch in a new FPS project and the result is exactly the same. The problem is actually a lot more apparent here: Possible Niagara Bug_2

What about the world gravity scale?

Do you mean Global Gravity Z? Changing it to any value doesn’t change the appearance of that niagara system at all.

Yep. There’s a few places where you can change the general settings for gravity that could affect physically based effects.

But if you don’t think that’s it, than no idea…

You are right @7Kelt7, with your settings I find it does look different in niagara editor than in world viewer. The problem comes from the vortex velocity. I disabled it and keep making changes, it acts the same in both viewers. I replaced ‘vortex velocity’ in particle update by ‘vortex force’, it acts as much as in my mind. I think you could use force in update more, the velocity is giving the particle increment amount of velocity each frame.

Thank you for checking it, now I know for sure it’s not just my pc. I also thought at first that there is something wrong with vortex velocity but after turning it off and tweaking different settings it was still showing the same problem. For me all you have to do is place a torus location and a point attraction force with big numbers in it and it will look different.

Here is vortex force try, in the world space even color seems dead:

All good mate. 80,000 particles on cpu is a lot, are you making the portal for gameplay?

The washed out color might be because the postprocess effect in the map. Try to delete it or make a new level, put your niagara system in, it should be the same looking.