Niagara is not audio reactive?!

Following closely Niagara audio visualizer tutorials such as this one

The audio just didn’t activate the Niagara system. The strangest thing is that I got it to work after many tries - for a few seconds (like 20sec), I than save the system and after this - whole day of trying didn’t bring the result back. I restart the engine,computer, build the whole fx again - nothing.

It felt like the sound didn’t connect with the particle system…
**I am attaching the Niagara system **- to see If the problem is in the Niagara system somehow or in my drivers/windows - I have no idea what.
Please help me by testing this thing or if you can - send me working system to test it myself.

Please try to see if it works on your machine and tell me?!

The engine is 4.26.1 running on Win7.

Download the Niagara system+audio wav

Ok a solution!
I completely remove the drivers (Realtek High Definition Audio Codecs Drivers) and continue with the windows generic one. It works!