Niagara Initialize Mesh Reproduction Sprite shows on viewport but does not show in game

I am following this Unreal Engine tutorial:

When the video does it (11:05) the particles show in game but when i play the particles do not show in game. Did the video miss something?

Check images attached.

Thank you.

I realised that for the system to be visible you need to add it as a component on an actor.

Just dragging the system inside game wont make it visible on play

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I’ve also encountered the same situation, however I am quite new to unreal engine and I am not fully sure how to add it as a component on an actor. Any tips there?

Thank you!

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I see that you have also encountered the situation above. Until the OP responds, I found a link that may help you figure things out. It’s all about attaching the Niagara effect to a character.
I hope this helps! Have an awesome day, and good luck on your creative project! :blush: