Niagara - How to set texture sample user parameter in BP?

how do I set the user texture parameter for a texture sample? I tried using the set Niagara variable object, but that did not work.I created a Niagara emitter which is using a texture sample to generate particles using the color of the texture sample. the emitter works just fine when I set the texture sample in the Niagara editor. I would like to swap out the image at runtime although, so I created a user parameter and link it to the texture of the texture sample node. when I tried to set the value of the user parameter in a blueprint I don’t see an option for setting the Niagara variable texture sample. Instead I use the one for object, but it does not appear to work because the texture sample parameter Never Get Set correctly. Please let me know how I can accomplish this swapping of the image at runtime. Thank you in advance.

Hey, it has almost been 5 months. Have you been able to find a solution?
The following answer works for me in Editor, but it doesn’t work at all ina packaged build:

I just saw your response. I never did find a solution for this. :frowning: