Niagara - how to set BeamEnd based on another Emitter position?

Say I have a Niagara system with two emitters.

Emitter 1 spawns a projectile that moves forward.

Emitter 2 is supposed to spawn a beam that starts at the particle’s original spawn location and ends at Emitter 1 particle location.

How do I set this up?

I tried following the ribbon example from Content Examples, but the ribbon takes too long to appear. Since the projectile is super fast, it won’t even show up. Therefore I thought of setting BeamStart = SpawnLocation and BeamEnd = Emitter1.Location. But I can’t figure out how to do that.

Well, actually, simplest would be your projectile not moving at all, being local, and you moving the system itself.
As for the beam:

  1. Add a user variable vector on the left

  2. Emitter update group / Beam emitter setup / set the end point to your variable

Now you can just tell your Niagara particle system component through set vector parameter where you want the beam to end. You can even set it to Absolute so you only need to add the position once or when it changes for some reason.

Hmm I ended up creating a similar effect in Cascade, but I think this would work. I’d probably need another User Variable to set the starting point too. Thanks for the help!