Niagara GPU Particle limit?

Hi all, I’m trying to spawn a couple million GPU particles in niagara but I can’t seem to go over 2,000,000 particles. I’ve referred to this answerhub post in the past and remember adjusting the hard coded limit from the source, but that was for cascade. Is there any equivalent for niagara?

bump on this, I seem to have a limit of 1945151.
FX.MaxGPUParticlesSpawnedPerFrame doesnt seem to change anything, neither does increaing the fx.GPUSimulationTextureSizeX & Y

Does anyone know how to change the hard limit on particles for Niagara?

If you are spawning that many particles, you might want to think about a different way to implement the effect you’re trying to create. Otherwise, you’re going to have a huge performance impact. Keep in mind that doubling your particle scale will give the illusion of twice as many particles in some scenarios.
I’m curious what you guys are trying to create that would need so many particles?

…so many particles?

4k? an ember simulation? you get there easily. or example: dissolving 4k into indiviudal pixels/particles requires over 8 million. :wink:

I’m not understanding what you mean by 4k. Are you talking screen resolution? That has no relevancy on how many particles you need to render on screen. Unless you’re using the term generically to mean high quality? For game design, you don’t need millions of particles, and really shouldn’t be using so many. Your goal should be to provide an optimized experience, and there’s multiple ways that you can create good-looking effects without having to have a huge density of particles. I’m not sure what the hard limit is for a GPU particle, but it will absolutely be under a million particles. You should be aiming for a few thousand max in most circumstances.

hey guys, so I’m trying to use niagara to display very high count point clouds. around 4M points. not in a video game context but in an AV / VFX context

There’s no getting around the hard limit of the engine.
Point Clouds are mesh data though.

try using

instead of

(of course, I wouldn’t recommend having 2m particles or more unless you are working on something very specific)