Niagara - follow skeletal mesh animation

The goal is to spawn bunch of particles that ‘stick’ to actor’s animated skeletal mesh.
If I sample mesh on particle spawn they won’t follow animation.
If I sample mesh on particle update they do follow but since mesh sampling is random and non deterministic they will change their base position and flicker all over the place.

Is there a way to spawn them once and follow animation or make sampling deterministic?
I’m sure there is, in worst case by making custom sampling module but lack of proper documentation for niagara scripting doesn’t help :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried to solve this issue in the same manner that you did, ran into the same issues and drew the same conclusions.

In solving this issue I review the Content Examples: Niagara Map and used the Skeletal Mesh Reproduction System as a base, and the systematically removed modules from the Emitter until is ended up with a base emitter which did what is needed it to.

I started with the base System that then adjusted the following:

  • Removed the Skeletal Mesh Influencer Module
  • Adjusted Update Age (Particle State) as necessary
  • Set Variables - Output Particle Alignment Vector
  • Set Variable - Particle Color
  • Point Attraction Force
  • Curl Noise Force
  • Drag
  • Solve Forces and Velocity
  • Set Variables - Accumulated Nearby Particle Influences
  • And Removed the Event Handler

I then added back the modules that i required and via the system User.SkeletalMesh variable change the mesh to the one I required.

Sorry, couldn’t seen to attach video example