Niagara Fluids rotation issue

Hello everyone !

I recently started to put my hands on Niagara and VFXs in general. Everything was fine until I found a problem after rotating my particle system parented to a mesh.
I’m sure it’s some pretty basic mistake but I can’t find why it isn’t working.

So, here are the steps to reproduce the bug :

1 - Create a project and make sure the Niagara Fluids plugin is activated.
2 - Create a Niagara System from a template and select Grid 3D Gas Colored Smoke. Leave its default name : NewNiagaraSystem and open it.
3 - Within the node NewNiagaraSystem (the blue one), select user parameters then set the value of the variable WorldSpaceSize to X=300.0, Y=100.0 and Z=400.0.
4 - Select the node Grid3D_Gas_CONTROLS_Emitter and search the Use Mesh Distance Fields checkbox, then uncheck it.
5 - Disable the Curl Noise Force module from the ParticleSourceEmitter to see the issue more easily. The particle system should compile and be visible in the preview window now.
6 - Save the particle system then create an empty level.
7 - Add a cube to the level.
8 - Add a Niagara Particle System Component to the cube and use the previously created effect as asset. For now, everything should still be fine, the particle system is linked to the cube and is correctly displayed.
9 - Select the cube and set its rotation on the Z axis to 90°. Now the effect is broken because it’s still rotating around the same axis as it was before.

Note that the effect seems broken even whithout being a child component and instead put directly in the level, but I wanted to reprensent as precisely as possible my exact setup.

I already tried to modify the Axis value of the Spin Position module from the ParticleSourceEmitter, but I don’t think it’s the source of the problem because the ParticleSourceEmitter seems correctly rotated as we can see when its Sprite Renderer module is active. I suppose the issue comes from the Grid3D_Gas_CONTROLS_Emitter but I am unable to find where exactly.

Does someone know a solution to this problem ?