Niagara examples content

so I’ve been trying to learn off the Niagara examples content in the content examples
but some of the things in there are hard to kind of get my head around

like I can’t seem to recreate some of these set variables under particle spawn and particle update any ideas?

I see ‘randomAxis’ and ‘randomVector’, but when I try to recreate it, I see ‘(initial)randomAxis’ and ‘(initial)randomVector’

I feel like these systems are built in a version that’s not 4.25 and just upgraded? and there’s like missing modules or something?
what’s the best way to learn from the niagara content examples map?

ah, nevermind, I seem to have found the variables in the emitter and not in the system

are there any other content examples for Niagara? I feel there’s a lot to learn before i get a knack for this