Niagara Emitter Spawning?

How do you spawn a emitter at a location of something that is getting hit? I have a projectile hitting something, and trying to remove the projectile and spawn a niagara emitter in its place to show it hit the thing.

How do you do this? It won’t spawn it because it attaches them some reason, but the projectile ends up destroyed… sooo what in the world?

There’s two ways to handle this. Either add the emitter as a component to your projectile and then activate it on On Projectile Stop. Then you don’t need to try to come up with an elaborate way to find the location of the projectile’s hit location, because it’s the same place as the emitter.

Or, create an actor to handle the emitter because you’ll likely want some sound and possibly even some lighting effects to go along with it. Then you can use the On Projectile Stop node (found by selecting your Projectile Movement and then scrolling to the bottom of it’s details) and drag off the impact result and type “break” to break the result, then grab the location and plug that into the location of a Spawn Actor Of Class that references your emitter actor. In my example the emitter actor is just called Explosion and inside that I have an emitter and a sound effect that are both set to activate on begin play, IE the instant they’re spawned.

You can also directly spawn the niagara System. Not the emitter.

I see, I see… So you need to turn it into a niagara system first, and instead of spawn emitter or spawn niagara; Use the spawn systems at location node. The other nodes misled me… I also do not quite get what the point or function of making it a niagara system is for though.

Also with the other method of making it part of it’s own actor, that is another good idea to have now if I need more than just the particles. Only problem is making sure to somehow remove it after the particle is done.

Thank you everyone for the support. Was super confused… The nodes that seemed correct just would not work some reason. xD

Well, an emitter does 1 thing.
A system can do Many things - and then some when you start writing up your own BP/scripts for it.