Niagara Emitter doesn't play

While following this tutorial: Unreal Engine Niagara Tutorial - YouTube I get to the stage where i’m adding the particle spawn module that sets a vector variable with a random tri coordinate of a static mesh sample. As soon as I add the module, my emitter is unable to play. If i remove the module from my emitter it still can’t play, and any Niagara systems I have with the emitter in them also won’t play, removing the emitter from the system doesn’t fix it. Why?


Also, following through with the entire tutorial and setting everything up correctly doesn’t fix the issue

Seems that force deleting the module works, I found this in the output log:
LogNiagara: StaticMesh data interface has no valid mesh. Failed InitPerInstanceData - NiagaraDataInterfaceStaticMesh /Engine/Transient.NiagaraComponent_1:NiagaraDataInterfaceStaticMesh_0
LogNiagara: Error: Error initializing data interface “/Engine/Transient.NiagaraComponent_1:NiagaraDataInterfaceStaticMesh_0” for system. 1887259520 | NiagaraSystem_0
LogNiagara: Error: Error initializing data interfaces. Completing system. 1887259520 | NiagaraSystem_0

I just came across this problem too. If anyone else gets it, try putting your emitter into a system first, and then trying the mesh/skeletal mesh stuff from within the system. worked for me!