Niagara DataInstance.Alive Ignored In Spawn Section?

I was looking at the StaticMeshLocation module, and I see it is supposed to cull particles by setting DataInstance.Alive in the case where Axis Constraint is enabled. It appears to do nothing? Also, I made my own module which attempted this and it also did nothing if I change the value of DataInstance.Alive to false. If I set the particle lifetime to 0 instead, that DOES cull the particle, but I imagine not before it does the work of spawning? I see that the UpdateAge module uses the same method to kill particles in the Update particle section of an emitter, which I am assuming does work.

Does anyone know what is going on here? Is this a bug? This is in 4.23. Thanks!


I have the same issue and noticed the same thing you did. I like your trick of setting the lifetime to 0. I will try that. thank you