Niagara Coordinate Space Problems

I’ve posted about this in the past, and after the past couple days I’ve been banging my head against this in order to understand what’s going on. I haven’t gotten too far, hence why I’m posting this.

Many Niagara module scripts include controls to define the coordinate spaces that are being used/operated on. In Initial Mesh Orientation, there are 2 boxes to define orientation space and rotation space respectively:


In most location modules, there is an box defining offset coordinate space:


The problem I’m running into seems to be that Niagara particles aren’t orienting or positioning particles correctly. When I test out Initial Mesh Orientation, given a mesh particle, it orients to a desired axis, and then stops updating the orientation even though their parent component, in this case a socket, is changing orientation:

[Funky Particle Rotation][3]

Why is this happening? X axis rotation works as expected, but not the others. Is the coordinate space interpolation breaking here?