Niagara Component Renderer

Is there a way to dial Niagara System User Parameters from a parent NS’s Component Renderer?

I’ve setup a nicely dialable NS for variation and thought to have a parent NS set some of them randomly/programmatically via the Component Renderer… I cant seem to find anything on the topic. … under Advanced Component Properties there are Template and Instance Parameter Overrides which seem to suggest this might be possible…

In World/Details there’s Asset User Data, but my User Parameter isn’t exposed there, and even if it were I’m not sure how I could feed it random values or key them from sequencer.

Nothing in Sequencer either it seems… would be cool if it were possible to unfold the NS a level deeper to reveal any the component Niagara systems used… or push the instanced Components User Data up to a User Parameter in the Parent NS to drive it from sequencer per the norm.

Possible/not possible?