Niagara c++ :: can't find a way to read particles position / particles overlap

Hi guys!

I’ve created CPU based flamethrower Niagara system:- YouTube
I’m researching ways on how to create chip overlap methods to apply flame damage. Currently I’m thinking about using simple collision spheres and / or dynamic mesh. I don’t want to adjust their movement and on-screen position manually, especially that game will use different types of flamethrowers extensively. To have overlap shapes adjust their position to flames I think I need particles positions, which I would like to read every few spawned particles, but I can’t seem to find any API reference to method allowing to do that.

Do you guys have any idea if it’s possible to retrieve particles position or how to manage particle overlap differently?

There is (unless its gpu particles - I wouldnt know about those) but I dont have access to my computer right now.

Try to look for a class deriving from ParticleEmitterComponent, or possibly the superclass of that. There should be a particles array there.

For any one struggling with this there is a explanation on how to get particles data from Niagara:

This is not a C++ solution though.