Niagara Beam facing wrong direction

I’ve created simple projectile effect using Niagara. It is very simple, I used this tutorial UE4 Niagara Tutorial - Bullet Tracer Effect - Intro to Niagara UE4/Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube
Basically standard beam with exposed Beam End to the BP.

I’m spawning it just after the line trace from my weapon: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
The problem is that my projectile effect has wrong rotation. I discovered that it changes when position of my character is changing in the world. Check video:

I don’t think my projectile itself is the problem, cause in the past I’ve tried using particle effect from the Shooter Example and it was also facing wrong direction. Even if I manually add some rotation, lets say +90 degrees, it will be still broken. I’ve tried changing particle to local space, using rotation from character, weapon, muzzle socket, all kind of stuff but it not working.

My trace function works fine, cause as you can see on the video, shots fly where I point my mouse and also hit fx is spawning on hit place. So my parameters are all ok.

I have no idea what else I can do.

EDIT: I’ve discovered that my particle effect works fine when my character is at the world origin (0, 0, 0). The more I go away from it, the more particles are shifted from the direction of my gun.