Niagara Beam Emitter – Branching

Hey programmers,

currently, I’m creating a cinematic scene with bolts of lightning. Unfortunately, I’m not that good with Niagara yet and the documentation doesn’t talk about branching the beam emitter. As lightning is a beam that splits into smaller ones I’m looking for branching options within the beam emitter. Could you point me in the right direction to get the look and feel of the top header image in the unreal documentation?…ect/index.html

Thanks in advance!


There is an older video with tunderbolts and branching on youtube, maybe that helps. But in the comments is stated, that some nodes might already have different names, so good luck ^.^

Branching starts at 10:40.

Thanks a lot! I’m wondering why I couldn’t find the video. Happy you brought it up. I was already trying to look into L-systems and started to build splines to map a particle system on. Gonna give the tutorial a try!