Niagara Ball effect movement (not working)

Hi, I am totally new to Niagara, I made a ball effect and I just want to move this ball forward to use it as an ability of my character. I tried to use add Velocity and it looks fine on Niagara’s Editor but when I use it in game the ball goes upwards with a random rotation.

Any help is apreciatted :smiley:

You need to tell Niagara which way to go in world space.

  1. Set up a vector parameter in your Niagara system called something like user.velocity
  2. use it to drive the velocity of your particle (with an addvelocity module)
  3. Using blueprints get the forward vector of your character and multiply it by the speed you want
  4. Use the result in your user.velocity parameter
  5. Activate your Niagara system and it should move forward from your character.

Good luck!