Niagara and Sequencer

Hi does anyone here know how to use Niagara with sequencer. I have a fountain that I want to turn off an on at certain times during playback. Right now I put the fountain in Sequencer and added a Niagara component and then put the system life cycle track in there and adjusted it to the time range that I want then copied that red life cycle to a few more spots on the time line and only the most recient copied Life cycle with play. None of the others fire. ??

Unreal 4.24

It’s a bit hard to follow what you are doing. Can you add a screen shot of your Sequencer track and the code you are calling (i’m assuming you are firing an event to update Niagara?).

Hi there, Ok I have posted my sequencer, I do not know how to code. I just drag the fountain into sequencer and Added a NiagraComponent then added a system Life Cycle. this turns on my particle on and off but only once it does not do it multiple times? I have attached pics below. Thanks so much for your help, I really need to figure this out.

Has anyone tried this? Or can someone please point me to someone or somewhere that can help?

maybe this helps: