Niagara and Lidar data

Can we use a Lidar dataset as a Niagara emitter?

I’ve been browsing the web for some time but haven’t been able to find a way.

Thanks in advance

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Did you make any findings regarding this? I would also be interested to know - Thanks :slight_smile:

+1 Thanks!

Houdini has an Unreal plugin to take point data into Niagara. I haven’t tried it with Lidar yet but have had success using point cloud sequence from the Kinect. It is available with a free Apprentice license!

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was the point cloud from the kinect in real-time ?

Have you tried the Lidar plugin that comes with UE? LiDAR Point Cloud Plugin Overview | Unreal Engine Documentation

It won’t allow you to use it in Niagara directly, but it can display the data. If you really need the data in Niagara, you have several options:

  • Convert it to an array and set the data via user parameter
  • Use the Houdini plugin with a point cache
  • Write your own data interface to access the data (see the example data interface plugin on how to do that)
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No, it was an export from Brekel. If you want to get Kinect into Unreal in real time you need I recommend looking at this video

Interesting options there. I have gone the Houdini route and it is very processor intensive - It cant handle anywhere near the amount of points the plugin can.

Could you expand on how to grab the lidar data and convert it to an array?


I have not used the lidar plugin myself, but it has importers and exporters in the plugin. If you look at the code for those, it should be relatively straightforward to see how to grab the data and push it into an array.