Niagara and Cascade tick when paused

I’ve been using Cascade for the most part in my project, and I’m recently moving to Niagara thanks to its larger capabilities, however I can’t find a way to have a Niagara system update while the game is paused.

With cascade, making an actor with the particle system as the root component and setting both to “tickable when paused” effectively makes the particle system update while the game is paused. Strangely enough, when the particle system is not the root component, this is ignored and there seems to be no way to have it play during pause.

I tried a similar approach with Niagara but I have been completely unsuccessful. I have also tried to replace the Physics.DeltaTime variable in the “Solve forces and velocity” module, but there is no variable that contains a DeltaTime derived from Engine.RealTime (which is always updated during pause).

Is playing Niagara systems even possible during pause or am I missing something?

A solution to play cascade systems during pause without them being the root component would also be nice.

After running into this as well when I was trying to add particles to some pause graphics, I ended up using the Advance Simulation node (Targets the Niagara Particle System) in the actor’s onTick event. Hope this works for you! As you can see in the attachment, this worked without the Niagara system being the root component…

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