Niagara - Align Particle Orientation to Socket

Hey there! I hope I don’t repeat somebody’s other question, but I simply wasn’t able to find a solution so far for my problem, so I thought I might give it a try:

I have a Niagara Particle System for creating a simple Jet Engine Exhaust Effect. It uses a Mesh Renderer. The Mesh itself has a simple “Flame”-Shape, being thick at the start and thin at the end.
Now I have a robotic character which has some Jet Engines in it’s body, moving around as it runs. So far I was able to attach the particle system to socktes of the skeletal mesh, so the Particle Meshes spawn at the end of the engines. However they always spawn with an orientation towards the camera (green lines on image) Better said: Under Initial Mesh Orientation, the Rotation is set to Local and Y to 0,25 for the 90 degree turn). As you may see on the image, this ain’t the same direction as the back with the engines is facing (red lines).
My question is: **Is there some way to get the orientation of the sockets (or bones) to apply to the particle meshes spawn rotation? **So far I only was able to get the LOCATION via Skeletal Mesh Location, but I also need the ROTATION.

Thanks in advance!