Next generation mordern guerilla warfare

Hello i have an idea of an open world game which i would like to share .have you seen the tom clancy wildlands trailer yet to be released.well i have a similar idea but at a larger scale so please comment and respond. An island country under siege of armed rebellion gangs partially controlled by government and military and the rebels . John an X marine comes back to his homeland to have a good nights sleep at his home with family. But,luck was not in his favour. A guerilla war starts inside his neighborhood killing his entire family and living him half dead.fifteen years later he is revived back from coma and embarks on a deadly quest across huge deserts and seas to kill the corruption to its roots.

now what i want to include are: AI system that can control civilians and the protagonist or his friends can instigate them to join their group to show a real third person war situation 2.I also want to include millitary and gang base infiltration missions with full control how the player wants to infiltrate(i.e.physical by forced,silent or intelligent drone infiltration)
3.various props and guns and vehicles in the city area.
4. varid landscape giving the feel of both MGS5 and Far Cry 4 terrains (approx size 440mi.sq same size as just cause 3)
5.I would also like to give a full gang usability like calling backup by any means(transport) as possible
6.Gang wars and gang area expansion syste as in gta 5 but with more realism and advanced AI like border patrol system ,traps,fencing and economic expansin in captured area
7.Dynamic map generation with player given full control where he wants to set up a base or a hospital or a safe house
8.The story wont’t have a linear gameplay of missions with a linear story.the full control of mission execution will be provided to the user
9.full tererrian parkour *
10.finally guys believe it or not this was an idea that occoures to me when i was in tenth grade to fulfill my wishes ,i put my idea forward to you if you think it worth giving a try to create this then please help me form a team.Now i am a collage student and want to establish a team for the project.if you think its worth giving a try then please contact as i don’t know the means to communicate with other users.I need pa team .Please do not hesitate to comment even if you don.'t like the idea. *

[EMAIL=“”]arnabgupta91996@gmail.comA mail ID for any great idea or criticism.Don’t worry about the the size of the world i amthinking of uploading the full game into a server system and give a necessary .exe file to create a particular id to keep the player data stored as in clash of clans. So, seeking people to help in my project.

Uhm, this is the forum to post job offers, not you’re dream of a game.
Also you dream is larger than GTA 5 and farcry combined, so you will need over 100 professionals for that… which you wont find for “unpaid”.
I am sorry, but in these forums here is no sub-forum for posting “my dream game” or so.

Well why not give it a try. Maybe you are correct but remember that every project starts from scratch .In this competitive world maybe while working on the project we may go outdated. I appreciate your thought but why give up even before starting . A very big thanks to you for your true criticism friend.Looking forward to hear from you again.

@Pinotti, You could spend a lot of time making posts to people who post their game ideas unpaid. This is exactly why this thread is here. Someone has an idea and gives opportunity for others to join. I have seen many projects over the years start out this way and become successful. There are many who would love an opportunity to be part of a team to gain experience. How else are they going to find such a project? I applaud anyone who tries to make their idea successful. @AGupta, I will be responding to your email shortly.

Well EyeDee10Tee i appreciate your response .It has been a great experience for me to meet people of varied ideas . Maybe Pinotti likes any RPG or first person shooter game.And for you sir whosoever you are, i am really thankful that you are so responsive to my post .You had the oppurtunity to stop guiding me after clarifying the dbouts but you are still helping me out . I will be looking forward to meet you i person someday EyeDee10Tee and maybe someday we will with you and me discussing an insane idea that comes to my mind . appreciate everything that you have done for me. Asfor what you said that ideas like this aregood enough for people looking for oppurtunities.Pinotti ,The mod of SQUAD DEVELOPMENT KIT IS ABOUT 17 GB file.So, don’t hesitate to join the project if you are backing because of the size of this idea . well you were the first one to respond and after your response i tried seeking people who can work with us at my hostel .I am a B.Tech (Computer Science) student so don’t worry about man power. Someday i may have a good team to perform with EyeDee10Tee there with us to help us out.

Hi, I have experience with cinematography and I am learning how to use the cameras in the game to create cutscenes and trailer type scenes. If you are looking for a cinematographer that wants to gain experience let me know.

Yes ,i am intrested .But, i have not decided any cutscenes yet but you can help .Can you use blender? Then i’ll send you the sketch of the protagonists and other side characters or give me two weeks time to construct the models if you don’t use modelling tools.So, you’re ready?

I’d be surprised if you could name all that many.
[MENTION=505420]A GUPTA[/MENTION] , I would at least restructure the first post so that it is easier to read–separate the information into paragraphs. Besides that, all I can say is good luck but understand what you want to do is extremely unlikely

Yes, darthviper107 i know what you are saying that such a big project requires a lot of work . But, are you willing to join ? See ihad an idea in my mind and i posted it for the world to see. Now, it depends on your eyes how you see it as my folly or an idea worth trying . Well if you think it is worth giving a try my doors are always open for individuals like you friend and yes i will edit the first post to a better presentable manner.

Yes you were corect the first post was not looking good at all.Now, go through it .I have separated the points.

Large projects like this require investment (Time, money). Financial Investment (Which is no-doubt necessary for a project of this scale) requires your own funding, or funding by others. Others don’t tend to fund projects that are not backed by experienced individuals (Professionals). Experienced individuals know their value, and generally do not work unpaid. While it is true that projects can start this way, what experience do YOU have in managing a team large enough to pull this off? Without leadership in a project like this, everything falls to pieces.

Well you are right on this part .I never said that i want to lead a team .But, i think you have done a lot of research .First of all i am a novice in this field an no dbout it is a large project (may take years for completion)but , do you think it is worth trying? I did not com up with this idea in a day or so. I have played many open world games which gave me inspiration to create one .You are a great person as you took the sweat to find and put together the links of the assets which we may require .And of my qualification in this field know how to use
blender tools .I thought about creating assets from it and then import and create different blueprints out of it .And talking about leader ship even you can lead if you want to. I don’t have any problem following you my friend.Or if you see another post of EyeDee10Tee ,he is a nice guy as well and is greatly experienced in this field(approx. more than 9 years). See that if you are able to request him to join us. He has been good to me from the very beginning replying to every silly and basic questions I had .Let us pray that someone from the unreal is interested in this project. But, my question to you is that will you join the project my friend.

I think it is impossible due to the amount of work required–think about the games that you are inspired by–Just Cause 3, Ghost Recon Wildlands, MGSV, Far Cry 4
Those are all games done with millions of dollars of investment, years of work, hundreds of game developers, and on top of that they have many similar games that they have done in the past which means they have a lot of experience doing that type of game.

If you really want to get into game development then spend some time learning about game development and do a smaller project to start off.

Yes you are ultimately write but some decisions are needed to be taken even if there is only one percent chance of completion.Do you know any way to get involved any unreal engine staff member.But, i think it is worth giving a shot. If you have anyone in mind include them too.I don’t have problem working with them. Have a nice day darthviper107 my friend.

The idea that you can achieve anything if you try hard enough is false. There’s so many ways that projects fail, even if you’re dedicated then it’s likely you won’t find people to work with you that are equally dedicated.
If you work on a smaller project, you can prove to people that you have the skills to complete a game, and you can also use that to get funding for a new project.

Well my friend I am an Indian and with due respect let me tell you that we are hard wired and crushed under a heavy syllabus after tenth board as we go against one of the most hard exams to crack the IITJEE (only 5000 seats and applicants 14.5 lakhs) so I can promise you I won/'t be lazy. I shall continue my work and let’s see if we can get a good response and a bigger team.

It’s not about being lazy–if you were to try and do it yourself you wouldn’t have enough years in your life. Getting other people to stay with the project is really really difficult without paying them. Also difficult to keep people motivated if everyone lives in different locations and you only communicate over the internet.

It all comes down to the fact that you will not be pulling off a successful project of this scale without highly experienced team members. Why would someone give up a salary earning $80k+/yr for a project that does not have clear leadership, earning nothing?

So what are you suggesting friends? At what scale do you want me to start this? You are still here because you liked the idea but the problem of funding is backing you out.But, see I am a student and where can I get money to fund any professional? The whole idea is falling apart slowly. I thought there were professionals inside the unreal engine who loves to lead such a project .Even one project head would have been enough guidance. But, I see no unreal staff member responsive to this post. Totally in shock my friends.Totally!! What else could I think of? Now I get the fact that how much problem newton would have faced to put forward his idea that gravity is aforce that binds objects to the earth’s surface.Sorry my friends to let you down and really sorry to waste your time.

Like I said, if you want to develop games, spend some time learning game development and then do a much smaller project. Taking on a big project without experience will result in failure. There’s a ton of learning materials for Unreal Engine 4 available so that you can get started on a small project.

I won’t get more into it, but just know–you need to spend a lot more time getting to know game development. Then you will be able to understand the limitations and difficulties in game development.

Well I have many other ideas but they will require deep knowledge about blueprints . But, my friends are you willing to join .I am literally begging for help and approached your door.
See I wanted it as a remembrrance of the soldiers who had died in middle of a staged guerilla war run by business mafia for trade control in Sri Lanka a neighboring country. Even our Ex. Prime Minnister had lost his life to this incident.World’s largest democracy was challenged on that day.