Next Gen MMO Plug-in for UE4?

I’m tentatively developing a Next Gen MMO Plug-in that adds Server-To-Server communication to UE4’s existing Client/Server model. This is achieved by extending networking and level streaming code to support new features such as simultaneous connections to multiple servers responsible for separate streaming levels, and coordination between servers to allow seamless movement of actors between them. Ref 1,2

Next Gen MMO Inter-Server Communications support:

  • Server Scalability, Load Balancing, Redundancy, Client Handoff: Sharding, Zoning, Instancing, and Cloning
  • Game World Simulation Interaction (that is, to communicate data, and to synchronize actions), allowing different Game World simulations to merge content, game mechanics, players, etc.
  • Multiple Client Types (Multiple Genre Clients on a Single Game World Server)

I require this MMO solution for my own UE4 Projects. However, this is currently not a development priority and I have not determined if I’ll release it to the public. Depending on the number of post favorable to the idea, I will make this sub-project my first priority and release the Next Gen MMO Plug-in to the UE4 Community for FREE!


Available MMO Middleware
MMO Network Architecture
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