News on HTC Vive

Guess they’ll open a death pit and let us fight for the devkits… :frowning:

What do my fellow UE4 VR Devs think?

Been working on a game with 6DOF wand controller support since the DK2 released and everyone was saying wand controllers “weren’t the way forward”, signed up Day One for a Vive dev kit, no luck.

I suspect being a solo developer instantly puts you into the garbage bin in these applications. Doesn’t help that the description field was limited to 100 characters in the beginning, then was later opened up.

Sucks it was pushed to an April launch, especially given the Rift isn’t going to provide a base kit that has feature parity (i.e., base Rift kit only includes a console controller, not 6DOF wands). I have little interest in targeting a seated, console-controller based experience.

btengelh said: "Guess they’ll open a death pit and let us fight for the devkits… "


“This is VR!”

“Bring It!”

That actually sounds like a fun VR experience to make for giggles, Maybe something like Oculus Maximus but multiplayer :smiley:

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare tournament in VR for the dev kits haha! :smiley:

I wonder when we’ll hear news about the new wave of dev kits. Does this also mean that they’ll stop creating DK1 entirely despite there being a large demand?

They will re-open the sign up for Vive dev kit a few days later. This time the quantity will be sufficient. Prepare your demos.