News and Community Spotlight | July 21, 2022


Join Epic Games at SIGGRAPH 2022

How do we make the metaverse more open? What goes into digital identity? We’ll be digging into big topics and some good old-fashioned UE5 training at Siggraph this year! Join us for more than 15 talks!

Unreal Fest 2022 | Save the Date

Hungry for more inspiring sessions, educational programs, and even hands-on training opportunities? You’ll be pleased to know that Unreal Fest is back in action–and we cannot wait to see you all! Join over 1000 developers and us for more than 100 sessions from October 17 through October 20, in New Orleans!

Don’t worry if you cannot make it; we’ll record the talks and make them available on demand after the event.

Make a game, animate in Unreal Engine, and more with these new courses

This month’s new Epic Developer Community courses are here! Whatever your next learning conquest is, we’re sure you’ll find something to inspire and drive you, from AI animation, Control Rig, cinematic lighting, and game optimization!

Webinar: Unreal Engine 5 for Architecture

Did you miss our latest webinar, Unreal Engine 5 for Architecture? Or perhaps you want to start using UE5 for your archviz projects? Watch the replay of our recent webinar and find out how features like the updated Architecture Project Template and Lumen make it easier to get started and raise the bar for visual fidelity.

Environment artist explains how he created near photo-realistic train station using UE5

Speaking of visual fidelity and Lumen–we caught up with 3D Artist Lorenzo Drago on how he created the viral digital recreation of Etchū-Daimon Station and how he handled creating the day and night scene, the Blueprint magic behind the camera motion, and flashlight animation.


Stylized Underwater Landscape

Eugene B has dived into their first 3D work with textures with this stylized underwater utopia! From conception to crafting this unique aquatic biome, passion and skill have been poured into this UE4 scene without horsing around!

Two Falls

Become fully immersed in Canada’s wild territories through the two protagonists’ perspectives and uncover their realities, culture, and way of understanding life in Two Falls. Decide how the characters will survive, and watch the impact of your choices unfold in this coming-of-age story!

Discovering Perú

Take a trip to Perú with Environment Artist Jhosep Chevarria. This breathtaking cinematic was created in Unreal Engine 5 using Megascans Marketplace assets, photogrammetry, and models created for the project. Words simply cannot describe how beautiful this is.

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