Newby question: LOD - How can the distance where objects disappear increased?

I want to use the Unreal Engine for an animation. In the model I’ve used the Megascans Meadownpack for grass. I’ve placed the grass with the paint tool.
When I record the scene to an animation however, a lot of grass disappears. It looks like the LOD function is a little to fanatic.

How can I increase the distance where objects disappear?



Anyway, LODS work based on Screen Size settings. These are defined within the mesh itself. Changing them can be a hassle.
You have to open the mesh you want, change the setting from automatic to custom, and them modify the screen size parameter to taste.

For Cinematic grass, you may want the LODS to start moving down from .5 onwards. so LOD0 is .5, LOD1 is .4 etc.

Keep in mind the FPS will drop probably drastically.