Newbie question: strange material/light

Hello, I just started learning Unreal and came across a weird problem.

The floor of the model (UV seems fine, datasmithed) is divided in half after building the light. No matter which material I apply to, that division is always there for some reason. What am I doing wrong??

Are you sure the UV’s are fine? There can be variations between meshes due to how lightmass works, but that looks like a difference in reflection/specularity, there’s also some other weird shading and I can see a triangle artifact on there

Is it due to a shadow from an object above? perhaps where the opening in the ceiling letting light through stops? if it’s not that, it could be uv scaling rather than coords. If not scaling, the blueprints may have a setting or pin that isn’t correct.

I don’t think it’s related to UV at all because that same division is happening to other geometry, which could be it’s light-related

Figured it out. It’s the box reflection capture…