Newbie out of memory question

Hi all! I’m a n00b in Unreal, but for the curious, I do concept art, mostly with Blender. (
I’m getting into Unreal to use it for concept art, and possibly transitioning to environment artist. I’m exited, but nearly everything I load into Unreal results in a “Out of video memory trying to allocate a texture” Make sure your video card has the minimum required memory" message, before quitting…

I’ve got a rtx 2080, (8gbVRam) and 64 Gigs of regular ram. I think I should be able to load some demo scenes, right? I remember doing that even on a lower end system before…
Any tips?
Thanks in advance!

Are you using ray tracing?

which version of the engine are u using? 4.25ish?

the are some serious bugs in 4.24/4.25 that have yet to be resolved, many posts about these engines almost daily with crashing and such.

try version 4.23.1 : personally I have “never” had it crash in over 3 weeks of non stop use.

I hear 4.18 is super stable aswell but have not needed to try it because 4.23.1 works fine for me.

each system is different, your results may vary, but seeing your specs are ultra good, 4.23.1 should give you zero issues.

hope this helps.

God Bless you. May Jesus Christ be Charitable unto you.

Acts 10 : 33 - 48, google its awesome.

Thanks for responding guys! :slight_smile: @darthviper107 I’m not using raytracing AFAIK but like I said, huge unreal n00b. I’ll doublecheck. @Mount_Zion777 Thanks! I’ll downgrade and see how that works.
Much appreciated, I hope to be able to show something cool here in the upcoming weeks.

You’ll know if you’re using ray tracing, it’s something you have to go through a bunch of settings to enable. If you’re not doing something crazy like that, then it shouldn’t be crashing due to GPU memory, so maybe it is just a bug and an earlier more stable version will work better for you. Looks like you do some pretty complex work but I would still think it’d be unlikely that you’re doing anything too much that would cause that crashing.

@darthviper107 That’s what I thought. I’m working with 4.23 now and it seems stable. I’ve not thrown too much complex stuff at it yet but I will soon :smiley: Great fun to play with the lighting system!
Thanks for the help!

Also if you are running CAM or other GPU overclocking, UE doesn’t like it too much. Took me a long time to figure that out.