Newbee Needs some help in using Basic VR template!

Hi everyone! I just started to learn VR and have some questions gow to deal with it on the basic levels.
I`he tryed to find some tutorial on forums and youtube, but canot find any good enough for my project.
The Goal is:
I need to make some blueprints for making a chair to slide by one axis and clamp it over 50 points. And all this must be done by basic “Pickup” function.
The second problem is buttons for this project. Is there any chance to avoid converting basic pawns controllers into phisical objects? If not, how to modify that part of BP

to convert it to physical objects without breaking up all BP links?
I will be greatfull for any help!
And i know, that it all simplest things and now You are solwing a bigger and more complicated problems, but i`ve just put myself at start of all this!=)