Newb Q: Feeding same texture into several texture samples

I’m building a base material to use for a lot of instancing with different textures, and currently working on the detail textures part. At present it’s looking like this - three texture sample parameters, all using the same texture, with different scaling.

However, since all three are using the same texture, I’d like to be able to feed the same texture into all three and end up with just one parameter to change in an eventual material instance. Something like this (expertly drawn with a mouse):

Is that possible in any way? Doesn’t have to be EXACTLY like this, as long as I end up with a single texture that changes all three at once.

Are the textures only going to use 1 channel?

If yes then just create one texture with 3 different channels and plug the R G B in to the three locations that you need them to. I am going on this assumption based on your pictures above where you only have the R channel wired.

Thank you for your reply! What you’re referring to isn’t exactly what I mean, sadly, but between posting my question and now I accidentally stumbled on a solution: Giving all three texture samples the same parameter name in the editor means all three textures end up as one single texture to be changed in a material instance. So…problem solved. For now. :smiley:

Ah cool … glad you came right. 8-}