New way of working of developing plugins


a few months ago i have created a plugin and averything worked fine. Now it doesnt :smiley:

I have created a ue4 c++ base code project.

Then i have created a folder in the game project folder named “Plugins”.

Then i have copied my plugin in this folder.

When i restart the ue4 project, it asked my to rebuild the project and it worked.

But when i open VS2013Community, i cannot see the plugin folder in my solution.

And a new “Intermediate” folder was created in my plugin folder, making the project very huge by a size of 1,3GB. (wtf :D)

Can anybody tell me how to develop plugins presently, keeping things working and slim.

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Why are you developing a plugin? I recently was working on a Plugin, but decided to fallback to and Editor Module. It is more robust and simple.

still it provides the same possibilities of extending the editor, I think.

I will try your way :smiley:

i have copied a text part of your link:

“Why not a plugin?
Whether you should use a plugin or editor module comes down to what your trying to do. If you want to extend the editor in a way that can be used across multiple projects then you probably want a plugin. If you only want to create customization specific to your game and class types then an editor module is a better design choice.”

The bold part is what i need, so i have to use a plugin :smiley:

I have found the right solution.

When creating a plugin for multiple projects, put your plugin into:

/UE4 root/Engine/Plugins/My Engine Plugin/

This is an engine plugin.

When making a “game plugin”, the solution by Yata is the right thing.

Case closed :smiley: