New VR Project Stuck At 39%?

Good day,

Using 4.25 I can create any project besides VR in seconds. But creating a VR template gets stuck at 39%

I’m a beginner but I use to dabble around though out the year and I never had this problem. After seeing UE5 I got hyped and wanted to create but I have encountered the problem above.

Could it be something else I have installed?

I’ve searched around and seen to just “Wait it out” which I will try, but this has to be a bug. I didn’t create Crysis in VR, I shouldn’t have to wait that long for a fresh template as I have created VR projects before no problem.

Anyone find a solution?

Did you work this out, I am having same problem and a lot of other people!

I am having the exact same problem, My Pc is clean (just reinstalled windows, latest nvidia drivers), have a dual GTX 980Ti setup and plenty of ram. All mayor render engines work, Unity works, but Unreal just won’t. It seems I’m not the only one with the 39% of death