New VR project, controllers tracking but nothing else

I’m on 4.25.3 and having problems when adding the basic VR functionality to a blank project, here are the steps

Create blank project
Add Feature or Content Pack > Virtual Reality
Load up MotionController Map inside VirtualRealitySP folder
Set up motion controller bindings in project settings / input

After clicking on VR preview / Play button, I can see around and move hands but there is no other feedback, no haptics, no finger tracking, cannot teleport

Is there anything that needs to be done in order to work with VR added after creation of the project?

I guess it’s worth mentioning that If I create a VR project from the wizard everything will work fine.

Probably you need to add input mapping in project settings. I think the wizard does that for you :wink:

Thanks for the tip but I already exported the input mappings from the default VR project and loaded them up inside the new blank project.
There is something else that the wizard is doing to make the project recognize finger tracking and haptics.

I’m using a valve index btw.

For anyone having the same issues, it was the steam vr bindings. They tend to be very fickle, so if something is not working with the controllers check the actual bindings outside unreal and make sure they are correct.