New Virtual Template 4.23 startup stuck at 45%

Just curious about the Ue4 startup. Like the title says started a fresh template with starter content and it immediately began compiling shaders (a huge 6,000 or so). It took about 20 mins, the editor has since opened but there are still around 5,500 shaders to compile… Ive read that it can take way longer for a project to open. I have 2 questions. Why is a fresh project compiling shaders when there is nothing in it yet? The other question is why so many? I have about 20 materials in the third person template levels I am currently working on and shader compilation also numbers at around 6000. What is the link here?

Edit: Ok started yet another VR project in a new folder. This time it only took a few minutes (with starter content) to fire up and the editor opened up with a compile notification of around 1,500 shaders. Im guessing that initiating a new project in the same folder as all your other projects isnt a good idea.

You are opening a template then there are shaders.
if you created a blank project there are still a few shaders - mostly skysphere, world grid materials etc.

[USER=“3140864”]MostHost LA[/USER] Thanks for your reply.