New user - where can I see my pending for approval post or forum topic?


I am a new in the unreal community, and I had either question and topic for the forum OR wanted to answer questions.
But every time, I see your post will have to be check and approved by a moderator, which is fair enough, because it could be spam. I get it.

But is there a place on the site where I can see a list of my pending post or topic and their status?
Because I want to know if they are approved or rejected or still in wait

Thank you in advance!

I don’t think you can, it’s only first 5 or so posts, though.

I tried to post a while ago and my post just plain disappeared off the face of the earth, my ‘your posts are being moderated for approval’ banner went away, I can now post again but my first submitted post didn’t go anywhere - no email, no notification of rejection, nothing!