New Updates to VR Mode - March 23 - Live From Epic HQ


Mike, Lauren, Ryan and Yannick are coming on to the livestream to discuss the new improvements that went into VR Mode just before GDC. During the State of Unreal keynote, Ryan Brucks and Lauren got to do some hands-on demonstrations live on stage, but now the team behind the tech is here to discuss the updates in detail. The full release of these updates to VR Mode is not far away, but these changes are available now on GitHub for you to check out!

Thursday, March 23rd @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]


Mike Fricker - Technical Director - @mike_fricker](
Lauren Ridge - Tools Programmer - @LRRidge](
Yannick Lange - Tools Programmer - @Yanniiiiiiiick](**)
Ryan Brucks - Principal Tech Artist - @ShaderBits](**)
Alexander Paschall - Community Manager - @UnrealAlexander](

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how many devs use this feature? in which case?

I don’t like use vive hmd after 15 minutes for testing in current realization. may be it’s feature for future.

I am currently teaching games development and want to use our playstation vr head sets on udk how easy is it to connect up?

I’ve built and tried the new editor, and its looking great. i would love to have the ability to pick up a nearby object and have it attached to the controller for minor rotational adjustments (with smart snapping maybe) and placement. Has this been discussed internally?

[QUESTION] Will the new built in Animation Control Rig be supported by the VR Editor? (if not, do it! but it will likely need the use of both hands)

Also, any chance we can get Ryan’s GDC Volumetric cloud painting in VR as a content example?

I agree completely with tmammela, rotate and scale should have independent controls.

FWIW, that is only true when you are doing 2 handed grabbing. If you want to rotate without messing up scale you can use the gizmo.

link to build??

Unfortunately, there is no way to use the PSVR with UE4 yet. Only PC headsets. You can still develop FOR PSVR, however.

Just watched the stream and was wondering if the demo was in the github version or not?

I know you said it wouldn’t be released officially but it seems a shame not to considering how good it was at showing off all the new features.

The one im most looking forward to is the new water effects as ue4 currently has rather plastic looking water. Any idea when we’ll be able to take advantage of those effects?

Nice stream! lots of interesting developments. Would we be able to apply OpenSubdiv operations also to imported fbx assets (static meshes)?

There is some chance it could be a real game project one day. I do not want to release it though as just an example because I put in lots of work trying to make it a real project, mostly from home.

I would like to see a surfing game come out of it!

Cool i thought it was a tech demo not a personal project that you’re working on.

Do you know when we might be able to create similar water effects like you showed at gdc?

Would really appreciate any guides or content examples we can look at if that’s not too much trouble?


The water itself is gerstner waves. Anybody can create any of this, no code was used. It’s all just materials. The only really custom parts were the caustics which I made in UE4 and described pretty in depth in my gdc talk here:

But even the caustics were just a fairly straightforward implementation using Snell’s Law. Only really custom part was making it run fast-ish in ue4 for texture creation, and the chromatic aberration technique.

Gerstner waves are very well researched and there are tons of ue4 projects you can get. A free community one floats around (I can’t remember what its called though), plus there are versions on the ue4 marketplace. Jerry Tessendorf’s paper tells you everything you need to know:

(The link is acting up but you can find lots of articles and simple tutorials on gerstner waves so I don’t think I will have much to add there).

Also it started as a personal project but in the last few months I have had some help from other Epic people on a very part time basis. Tommy Jacob - robo-recall producer - has been meeting with me and playtesting on a somewhat weekly basis and helping me with design and focus. Zak Belica shared a bunch of beach audio, that he happened to record on his vacation to Hawaii. But I haven’t had time to really use the audio very well yet so that will be fun to get back to when current stuff finishes up. Also for the version shown in GDC, had help with lighting and sky from Peter Sumanaseni.

At some point I will be releasing a big Content Plugin that includes lots of examples from my talk. That will include the Hitmask, Flowmap Painting, Caustics (but NOT the ocean itself, it will generate caustics from input water normal maps), 2d and 3d Fluid Simulation, and BP space coordinate conversions.

Cool i look forward to the content examples plugin. Keep up the great work!

Does this refer to the Content Examples in the Learn tab of the Launcher or something different entirely?