New undocumented Packaging Setting in 4.24.1 - Oculus Quest Packaging fails

The apps i create are not for google play store (VR trainings for industry customers), so they don’t need Key Store Password, etc. Up to 4.23.1 the packaging always worked fine.
Now, in 4.24.1 i get the error (also on screenshot):
ERROR: DistributionSigning settings are not all set. Check the DistributionSettings section in the Android tab of Project Settings.

I compared the packaging settings in 4.23.1 and 4.24.1 and there’s a new undocumented (didn’t find anything in the release notes or google) sector “Ini Key Blacklist” and “Ini Section Blacklist”.
Seems that this setting excludes the need for the listet elements, so it would fit to my needs - but maybe a certain list element is missing - but which?

… that new sector sent me down the wrong track.
In the end i forgot to deactivate “For Distribution”.