New Twitch Stream Dev Series - Tesla Dev


Hey Community!

I’m about to start a new development series on Twitch. I’m going to be doing this after Unreal Engine’s stream every week!

Building a project from scratch using Blueprints.

Instead of working on a half built project, the idea of this series is to build one up from scratch. This project is going to be blueprint based only. Throughout development, i’m going to be using Unreal Engine 4, SpeedTree, Mixamo and more!

What kind of Project?

Third Person/First Person Shooter, with survival elements.

Gamewise, I’m going to be adding in mechanics for:

  • Looting
  • Eating
  • Shooting
  • Entering/Exiting + Driving Vehicles
  • Inventory Management
  • Resource Collection
  • Building Mechanics (Fortifying positions/buildings,building simple camps)
  • NPC’s
  • +many, many more!

Wait, Multiplayer?!

Of course! I want to build up the core mechanics of the game, and as soon as they are there, i can start setting up replication and sending out builds on the stream so we can do a live playtest!
This is something i want to approach in the right way, by involving the community.

Community Input
I want the community to be involved! I’m never going to work on it without streaming!

Nothing is set in stone, as soon as i start streaming, i’m just going to start building a game.

If there is any features you would like to see added please post here or in the chat on twitch!

For example:
Should there be any NPC threats while looting and battling other players?
Should players be able to shoot out from cars while being a passenger?
What kind of movement modes should the player have?
Player grouping system?

Why am i doing this?

I’m doing this to show the power of Unreal Engine 4 with Blueprints. Not only that, i want this to be a stream where people can learn Unreal Engine 4, ask questions and get involved while watching.
I also want to help out people who are trying to get into game dev, aswell as people who are completely new to the engine.

Hopefully when we are live we can connect to people who want to make games but don’t know where to start.
The idea is: This engine is $19 a month to start, you can do this too!

Most of all, i want to have fun while making sure everyone watching is having fun too!

I’ll keep this thread updated with all new developments from the game.


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That is awesome, Tesla!
You taught me so much through Youtube, I can’t wait for the live stream. :wink:

Count me in! I’m looking forward to it, dude! :smiley:

This is sooooo great!

Nice one Tesla, can’t wait :slight_smile:

I would be part!

Thanks guys! I’ll be updating the first post soon with details on the first session


+1 Followed. Can’t wait to see where this goes!

Sounds great Tesla! +Followed and looking forward to it! :smiley:

Nice one! You got a new follower Sir!

Sounds awesome Tesla.
Can’t wait to check it out.
How long will each stream be?

Thanks guys! Really excited about this now!

About the length of the stream, i really don’t have a time limit. So i’m just going to keep going until i get to a good place to stop!

Good idea Tesla, Bit jealous that I didn’t think of this first :stuck_out_tongue: Good work!

Thanks! I’ve been wanting to do it for awhile now, happy to get the ball rolling!

Sounds great, Tesla. Are you soloing this project or what is your team makeup like?

Thanks! I’m just soloing it, to start with!

This is an excellent idea. I’ll certainly be following this!

thx tesla, love you’re quick tutorial videos on youtube, and also be watching stream on twitch, so when you start a first episode?