New to unreal engine

Hello guys,
I just start digging the fantastic world of UE and I started with UE5, I was wondering if there are some Tree collections available for this latest release … what I see in the marketplace is still only for UE4x

Thanks for your reply

There is built in megascans browser, some nice assets there (and free).

thanks for quick reply Nawrot,
I tried there but no trees for UE5 :frowning:

I just wanted to learn how you guys have the nice motion when you drop in the plants and trees … so beautiful!

thanks :wink:

I am also to new unrealengine. I installed UE4 today becauae my passion is to create games. I go to college from Monday to Friday. I have some questions I need to ask you guys: 1- Do I need to learn C++ Language? Or the engine do it for me?

Hi @flys_pippo and others , Have a look at YouTube Unreal Engine 5 Impostor Generator for Tree on Landscape - YouTube.
Read this post about trees. [FREE] Realistic Tree Pack - Community / Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums UE5 automatically converts assets from UE4.26 backward. Click the make a copy button and 5.0 is added to the filename

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Thank you very much @Jimbohalo10!

so I can buy tree pack UE4 in the marketplace and convert for UE5 ?

thanks again

I have bought for $10 the content in the article described above using the post above. The point is its a project originally for UE 4.13, but its converted much better that UE 4.24.

There is only one error map error. If you convert them to Nanite the trees break!
There is an error in the top left and Lighting needs to be rebuilt and. This content won’t rebuild. It’s so old it will take manual intervention to fix it. That why Nnanite fails below, Ii had not realised that before

Well it looks like the UE5.0 EA importer does its job, but obviously as I have shown the old Content might not be so easy to convert. If you intend to buy something for $10 fine you have not lost much, but if its $70 and the supplier says 4.26 compatible and its not working in UE 5, then you have no grounds to get you money back!

Thanks for this.

thanks a lot @Jimbohalo10 I’ll take a look on that for sure