New to Unreal and having issues with Visual Studio 2017

I have just got the new Unreal Engine which supports Visual Studio 2017 and created a top down C++ project example project with it. When I hit the compile button, it’s successful but when I open solution, I get all of these errors.

Error 1:

Error 2:

Error List:

Make sure you have included correct headers and modules. if so then rebuild solution. If this will not help right click on your .uproject file and click Generate Visual studio files.

The same project works fine in 4.19. Only gives me issues in 4.20.

In 4.20 headers might changed.

Can you please copy paste code instead of screenshots?

I had similar problem but I have restarted and recompiled and problem doesn’t exist anymore.
Intelisense still have problems but when I launch it disappears.

Did you reported this?