New to 4.8, BP TArray support limited types

I have a bunch of functions for communicating with a data server and are declared as follows:

UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, Category = LSL)
void PushSampleFloat(TArray<float> data);

This builds fine for float, int32, and FString. This does not build with double or int16. When using double or int16, the build error returned is misleading:

Type ‘TArray’ is not supported by blueprint

In 4.7.6, I never tested anything except float, but I was able to build with the other types coded in. I don’t need a fix, I can get by with the types that do work, but it would be nice if the build error was more accurate. I spent a few minutes worried that TArrays were somehow no longer allowed in BPs before I realized that some of my other functions did not generate errors and therefore it must be the datatype in the array.

that is a bit misleading, but double and int16 are not supported by blueprint.

if you want a number that works in blueprint, it has to be one of the following:

int32 MyInteger;
uint8 MyByte;
uint32 MyBoolBitField : 1;
float MyFloat;

Thank you. I can get by with those. Given that the exact same code could build in 4.7.6, I was just worried for a bit when I saw that error. If it weren’t for the fact that some of my other very similar function declarations did not generate the error then I would have probably spent a long time figuring out why I couldn’t use TArrays.

uint32 doesn’t work either