New Sky Atmosphere vs Atmospheric Fog

So my understanding is that Sky Atmosphere in most ways replaces Atmospheric Fog.
However many recent tutorials I’ve seen still reference Atmospheric Fog instead.
For an early evening exterior scene where I need to recreate the ‘golden hour’ which would be best to use?
Of course in conjunction with Directional light, Skylight and Exponential Height Fog.

Not in most ways, in all ways. Sky Atmosphere is the official upgrade to all the older atmospheric stuff.
That being said, use whatever gives you the best results, there is no right or wrong, if you require a very specific look. Just use that, that makes it possible in the easiest way.
But i think, that would be Sky Atmosphere ^.^

Since i am not good with terms like golden hour or blue hour, or photography in general, i assume, you want to build something like this here?

This should be relatively easy with Sky Atmosphere, if its about the lighting (i would def fail at making such beautiful scenery and create such stylistic shots)

Edit: I had made some experiments with it, since i love evening scenes, and here was one of the most basic ones, marked with the important stuff. And its not nuch you need with the new system. My scene would probably be even better with another light source shining from behind the camera, to slightly lighten the grass from viewer direction, like its done in the second tutorial linked here.


Something like this? Playing around with lookup tables (LUTs) - Album on Imgur

Using new Sun/SkyAtmosphere w/LUT based on time of day.

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