New resources for VR development

Hello VR enthusiasts!

I wanted to reiterate some of the recent learning resources that have been aimed at clarifying VR development for UE4. Some of these might have shown up in individual threads on this forum and others, but I wanted to post again to boost the signal and make sure these resources are being seen. Do note that we had today a very helpful Mobile Support Stream on Twitch, but that this was for mobile development only and did not touch on VR at all. That said, on April 16th we had a very general discussion about where UE4 is heading with regards to VR development, and before that we had a Gear VR specific stream aimed at helping with getting the SDK setup and answering some questions specific to the Gear VR.

Also, there’s some brand new documentation regarding the Gear VR.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for the update.

Nice, getting set up for gear VR was helpfull.